Pan Pacific Park will be divided into three key zones, creating opportunities for occupants to address their specific needs. A ‘built zone’ fills the park from the north. From the mixed-use residences to the central pavilion, this area serves the amenity-heavy user. An ‘action zone’ sits in the center of the park. This zone is a hub for activity including organized sport and pick-up competition - a critical component for regional visitors. Finally, a ‘wild zone’ punctuates the southern end of the park. This space is heavily vegetated with native plantings and acts as a water retention area during serious weather events. This establishes an urban oasis and much needed respite from LA hustle.

Pan Pacific Park

2017 Corgan Design

2 city blocks

Public Park + Mixed-Use

Los Angeles, CA


We see Pan Pacific Park as a natural and organic escape from the larger urban sprawl. We see Pan Pacific Park as a seamless piece of the fabric of Los Angeles. We see Pan Pacific Par as a local and urban icon.

Informed by the surrounding massing, a large berm defines the west and south edges of the park. Sloping to meet the residential context at street level, the berm creates space for restaurant and retail establishments. The Grove Avenue will now become a pedestrian only thoroughfare, closed off completely to vehicular traffic. This creates a strolling promenade reminiscent of La Rambla in Barcelona. Tapping into
shops in the berm and the existing Grove amenities, this new boulevard forms a service super-block for both Fairfax residents and the city of LA.

Pan Pacific Park is eager to reestablish a history of entertainment that matches the boldness of LA. A central pavilion facilitates an amphitheater and event center for the entire park. Pathways converge here and the apex of the park will once again be a ‘stage.’ A large mixed-use structure greets visitors from the corner of Beverly Boulevard and The Grove Drive. Sweeping, graceful and proud, this form is as prominent as the park history. It will become an LA icon, nodding back toward the natural organic surroundings of
this great city.


Pan Pacific Park rests at the mid-point between mountains of grass and towers of glass, making it accessible by a large portion of north-western LA. Let us then, design a park that can become an icon for the city – a park that weaves itself into the urban fabric of the city, yet creates a relief from the rigidity of repetition. Let us not shy away from what we are looking for, a true escape.


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