ONDA - meaning electromagnetic wave in Spanish - is a digitally fabricated installation centered around the new era of technology at the School of Architecture, and will showcase inventive design and building techniques.


The design of ONDA comes from a semester long architecture studio and culminates as a permanent fixture in the West Mall Building on campus. The wall explores the subjectification of an object, perspective and projection, discrete dimensions vs. contiuous surfaces, and contributes to the conversation surrounding object-oriented ontology and the value of diverse views and thought.

Onda Wall

Project:         Digitally-Fabricated Wall
Type:             Permanent Installation Wall
Role:              Project Manager
Size:               20’ l x 8’ h x 6” d
Course:          Advanced Studio - Kory Bieg
Location:       West Mall Building, UTSOA
Term:              Spring 2018 [UTSOA]
Completed:    Summer 2018 [Anticipated]

In collaboration w/ Kory Bieg’s Spring 2018 Advanced Studio


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