Niles Union is a 213-unit affordable senior housing community in Dover, New Hampshire, a small but growing city along the New England seacoast.  Our primary aims were to increase connection to the city of Dover, create social connection opportunities, and help create sustainable, quality lifestyles for the residents.  

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Niles Union

Spring 2018
2018 US Department of Housing and Urban Development's          Innovation in Affordable Housing Design Competition

Nat’l Finalist (Top 4)

213 Units

Senior Affordable Housing

$30 Million

Dover, NH

In collaboration w/ John Halverson, MSUD + MSUP Candidate + Brendan Scher, MBA Candidate, McCombs School of Business




The footprint of the site developed around the bus route, coming in from the west along Union Street, and the walk and bike trail that ran north and south on the eastern edge of the site. At the node where these two arteries intersect, we placed a pedestrian plaza, where the corners of the buildings peeled back and the community building’s town hall would open out from.

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The architecture sought to tie in local vernacular by using brick and wood cladding, gables that break down the scale of larger multi-family buildings, and colonnades and loggias whose proportions hearken the industrial warehouses of the city; the main architectural feature, a clock tower at the plaza, is reminiscent of the entry towers on these warehouses, and serves as a glowing lantern or beacon for the site (not to mention also functioning as a solar chimney to exhaust heat buildup) with a structural glass box at the top. 


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