ONDA - meaning electromagnetic wave in Spanish - is a digitally fabricated installation centered around the new era of technology at the School of Architecture, and will showcase inventive design and building techniques.

Project Manager, in collaboration w/ Kory Bieg’s Spring 2018 Advanced Studio


Paper Trails


Paper Trails is Bohlin Cywinski Jackson’s temporary public installation on First Avenue in downtown Seattle, Washington for Parking Day 2018

Project Manager, while interning with Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Seattle



Supraficial is an exploration of form, surface effect, and animation - both as communication medium and as form-finding. Glitches are introduced as a device to break rhythms and explore individual frames within an ongoing evolution.


Lady Bird Living Bridge


The idea of a “living bridge” calls into question two distinct definitions: “living” and “bridge;” what exactly about this structure is alive or for the living, and what is it bridging over?  This project creates a pedestrian connection from the peninsula at the outlet of Shoal Creek to Riverside Park, but also envisions a place to be for others who are often seen as inconvenient  – the homeless.



ATL_2075 envisions Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in the year 2075,
in a post-security and post-vehicle-centric society. ATL today is the busiest airport in
he world, and in order to maintain that, it must adapt to an ever-changing world and
create an optimal user experience while maintaining a sense of place.


Austin Energy
Green Building Program


It is no longer good enough to be “sustainable,” more efficient and less bad; buildings must become regenerative, living, breathing organisms that are diverse and produce more than they consume. They must collect solar energy, sequester carbon, reuse water; they must be dynamic and responsive, beautiful and full of light, and should use mass customization and computational, parametric design to create more human-scaled and organic spaces, over exclusively right-angled spaces built in the past for economy and lack of technology to do otherwise.


Pan Pacific Park

We see Pan Pacific Park as a natural and organic escape from the larger urban sprawl.
We see Pan Pacific Park as a seamless piece of the fabric of Los Angeles.
We see Pan Pacific Park as a local and urban icon.
This Corgan Design Competition submission was led by me, cross-disciplinary design
team intern, in collaboration with Aaron Bisch and Luke Brohmer.